Neteller confrims US authorities seize $55 million

by Lou on February 10, 2007

Every online poker player’s favorite payment processor Neteller, confirmed that U.S. authorities have seized $55 million in funds related to U.S. transactions.

Neteller announced that they are cooperating with an inquiry by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. The inquiry has stopped U.S. customers from receiving their money.

In a statement released a few days ago, Neteller said, “As a result of the restrictions placed by third parties, court-ordered seizures, and related legal concerns, the group is currently unable to make payments to U.S. customers.”

Following the arrest of Neteller founders and former board members Stephen Lawrence, 46, and John Lefebvre, 55, the payment processor announced it would cease handling gambling transactions from U.S. customers.

While Neteller and the US Attorney continue their waltz, customers are in limbo, with no access to their funds and no timetable as to when they may be released.

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