The Portable Poker Pro hits the bookstores this month

by Lou on February 28, 2007

Sheree Bykofsky and I have a new book about to be released. We wrote The Portable Poker Pro to take you from someone who’s maybe seen a little poker on ESPN or played for pennies around the kitchen table to someone who can go into any public casino or cardroom with confidence: confidence that you can not only win occasionally, but win regularly over the long haul. (And if you’ve already got some experience under your belt, you can think about skipping some of the earlier chapters and go right to the more advanced stuff.)

This book assumes that the reader really doesn’t know that much about playing poker, and more importantly, that you’d like to change that.

We started with the rules of poker, and then talked about good hands versus bad hands. We’ll also The Portable Poker Pro offers information on fixed- and no-limit poker, and poker tournaments too. By the time you’re done with it, you’ll have all the basic tools (and some advanced ones, too) to walk into any poker room without fear.

Many parts of this book will be useful for reference: everything from our handy-dandy charts telling what to play and what not to play to our basic odds tables to our glossary of colorful poker terms.

But whatever you do, there’s no need to be stressed out about learning all this. There’s no quiz at the end of this book. There’s going to be some math, but it’s not going to be much more heavy-duty than what you use to balance your checkbook.

There will be some psychology, but: A) it’s pretty fun; and B) it won’t be telling you much you don’t know – it will be giving you tips on how to use what you already do know about human nature at the poker table.

If you’re a newcomer to professional poker, please do read this whole book first before you go to a casino or get an online poker account. Yes, we know you’re anxious to play. That’s why you bought this book. But waiting a day or two or a week or two to finish this book, depending on how voracious a reader you are, will pay for itself many times over. Please just be patient and hang on until you’ve gone through it all at least once.

Trust us; we wouldn’t be putting anything in this book if it weren’t vitally important. Every bit of information you gain from this book can add up to dollars in the real world. Don’t worry: as soon as you’re ready, the game will be waiting there just for you.

The Portable Poker Pro is published by Pinnacle Books, a subsidiary of Kensington Publishing Corporation. At a $9.99 retail price, it is easily affordable by any new and aspiring poker player and available at bookstores everywhere.

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