Where’s Doyle Going?

by Lou on February 19, 2007

So where will Doyle go? When Tribeca announced they were leaving the US market, sites like Doyle’s Room and Poker Host had to scramble to find another network that’s still serving US-based customers.

Poker Host announced that they are moving to the Microgaming Network (formerly Prima Poker) but Doyle’s Room has not declared a new host site.

While many sites have left the United States, Doyle’s Room has hung fast to the statement that they plan to continue serving US players. I have no inside information to base this on, but I’m guessing that Doyle’s Room will join Microgaming in a deal that works for both parties. Microgaming offers a robust network and Doyle’s Room will provide additional liquidity to the other rooms sharing that space.

If Doyle’s Room were to join Microgaming, it would be good news for most US-based players, but not for everyone. Microgaming allows US players from most states, but excludes players from 11 states, including Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana, Oregon, Wisconsin, Washington, Indiana, Nevada, South Dakota, New York and New Jersey.

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