Jamie Gold admits to two WSOP violations

by Lou on March 29, 2007

Yesterday Harrah’s announced that the World Series of Poker will not penalize 2006 Champion Jamie Gold for two rules infractions that occurred during the 2006 WSOP Main Event.

Gold told the New York Times during an interview that he exposed a hole card to an opponent. He said that he also told an opponent he held top pair and top kicker after the opponent bet. Both actions violate WSOP tournament rules.

Under the 2006 WSOP rules, Gold would have been subject to a 10 minute penalty. Rules for the 2007 WSOP call for a 10-hand rather than 10-minute penalty.

After The New York Times interview appeared, WSOP officials reviewed video footage and talked to Gold about them. Gold acknowledged and attributed them to the excitement of playing in his first-ever WSOP Main Event.

The WSOP officials determined that Gold did not deliberately violate WSOP rules and that no penalties would be retroactively invoked.

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