Russia liberates poker as US tries to send it to the gulag

by Lou on April 8, 2007

Russia’s President Putin recently signed a bill to eventually ban gaming in Russia outside of those casinos located in four special gaming zones. The decision by Russian Sports Minister Slava Fetisov to define poker as a sport will permit poker to be played in outside of the gaming zones without running headlong into their new gambling laws.

Dmitry Lesnoy, President of the new public Russian Sport Poker Federation said, “It is so pleasant that with the general background of persecution from the government towards gambling, the state still revealed wisdom and agreed with a factor, that poker can not belong to the category of gambling. It is a sport!”

This is a unique perspective. We see Russia as a country that liberates and regulates poker, while the USA is working hard to eradicate the online version of the game. Is there something wrong with this picture?

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