Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

by Lou on April 13, 2007

Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, two sites owned by Absolute Entertainment that continue to allow US based real-money players, recently changed their marketing plans. Pros such as Antonio Esfandiari will no longer promote the site.

According to reports I’ve seen, the sites believe that these players could be targets for the Department of Justice and that their business relationships with the sites could be viewed as “aiding and abetting” Internet gambling.

However, Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke will remain with Ultimate Bet and continue to promote the brand.

While that seems inconsistent to me, I have no other information available to that might help me unify what appears to be two different positions.

There’s always the bigger picture too. If the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet pros are potential targets for the DOJ, what about all the pros who represent Full Tilt Poker. They’ve almost cornered the market on tournament players who represent them. Is there some chance that the DOJ will arrest the entire lot of them in one fell swoop?

I’ve got to believe the Full Tilters have thought long and hard about this and reached the decision that they are safe. I sure hope so. I hope we all are.

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