Why Did the UK’s Remote Gaming Association Refuse to Support Barney Frank?

by Lou on April 28, 2007

A report in e-Gaming Review claims that the Remote Gaming Association (RGA), the organization that represents the majority of online operators in the UK, declined to support Congressman Barney Frank’s legislation that would regulate online gaming in the US.

According to RGA head honcho Clive Hawkswood, there’s “… a mix of reasons. Some companies have never been involved in the US. Others meanwhile have left the US alone and are concentrating elsewhere. Some are worried about what their share price reaction would be.”

Hawkswood went on to suggest an undercurrent of thought that any regulation likely to be enacted here in the States would effectively be in favor of US casino operators.

Those rumors have circulated here as well, with many believing that once online gaming is legalized, taxed, and regulated in the USA, the laws will be written to give an edge to major American casino brands who would then partner with, or acquire current online gaming and poker providers to gain access to their technology, marketing and backroom expertise.

This kind of speculation, in my opinion, is a long look down a foggy road, and there just isn’t enough clarity at the moment to provide a definitive view of what seems to be a plethora of alternative futures.

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