They Got it Right and I’m Applauding

by Lou on May 30, 2007

There’s no poker content in this post, but anyone who knows me, knows I’m a big lacrosse fan, and this is worth posting if for no other reason what’s right sometimes prevails.

Thirty-three Duke lacrosse players who were not seniors during the 2006 season were granted a fifth year of eligibility for play at Duke or any other school by the NCAA. The University requested an extra year of eligibility following trumped-up and now discharged rape allegations that resulted in most of last season being canceled.

Current seniors will be eligible to play next year by taking graduate-level courses. Coach John Danowski plans to talk with his seniors about continuing to play lacrosse at Duke.

Unanimous support from the Atlantic Coast Conference universities accompanied Duke’s request for a fifth year of NCAA eligibility for its lacrosse players.

A full-page ad in USA Today supported Duke’s lacrosse program. The headline read, “For a team very few people stood by, how about a standing ovation?”

I’m standing and applauding. Everyone should.

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