The Affiliate Poaching War Heats Up

by Lou on June 10, 2007

Party Poker and “rakeback” aren’t words you want to utter in the same sentence any longer, as Party raised the stakes in their battle with certain affiliates they claim are poaching players from other affiliates over the past week.

As of June 1st, according to a Party ultimatum, any player closing an existing account with Party Poker and opening a new account predicated on some financial incentive will no longer count as affiliate earnings.

As part of their affiliate terms and conditions, Party can deduct earnings for traffic that is referred through “fraudulent means.” Those affiliates who signed players by urging them to close old accounts and establish new ones underneath them, are looking at significant charge backs, and some may even have negative balances.

Party Poker hasn’t stated whether they will retain the money from charges against affiliate accounts, or if they plan to return part of that money to affiliates who lost players in this poaching scheme.

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