One and Done for Poker Dome

by Lou on June 19, 2007

The party’s over. The plug’s been pulled on Poker Dome according to a report in last Friday’s Las Vegas Sun. Rick Kulis, who heads the firm that holds the Poker Dome’s lease, confirmed the Dome’s demise, which was the result of both Mansion and Fox Sports seeing the handwriting on the wall:
With the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and the Mansion’s pull-back from the US market, there was just no way for them to monetize their investment.
Even if UIGEA wasn’t a factor, the show never seemed able to compete in television’s overheated poker market.

Despite their short run, they’ll be remembered for players hooked up to heart monitors, and throbbing pulse beats rates displayed for all to see.

The Poker Dome will shut down August 1, with the actual set staying intact and the production booths converted back into the movie theaters they were prior to the Poker Dome.

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