The Price of Poker Has Gone Up: Antigua demands $3.4 billion friom US

by Lou on June 21, 2007

The Associated Press reported that Antigua is demanding commercial sanctions amounting to approximately $3.4 billion each year for its failure to comply with a World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling that American online gambling restrictions are illegal, and in violation of treaty obligations with the WTO.

Antigua, which won a WTO ruling against the US last year, is also asking for authorization to target American trademarks and copyrights if the U.S. refuses to change its legislation. This, of course, would allow software pirates safe haven in the Caribbean nation, and give them the right to ignore US copyright laws with the WTO’s blessings.

Now that the European Union plans to line up with Antigua, this dispute, which has been raging for a couple of years, looks like it is heating up to a new level.

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