Neteller: The Check’s (Almost) in the Mail

by Lou on July 30, 2007

Today is July 30, the day Neteller is supposed to contact all of its US based customers, telling them how to withdraw their funds that have been frozen for months.

Today I received the email from Neteller that’s shown below, fired up my account, and withdrew my balance of approximately $3,700 with no problems whatsoever. After working my way through Neteller’s withdrawal process, the site told me to allow three days for them to process my request. Actually, I’ll be happy if the money is in my bank account within three weeks.

The withdrawal process forces you to withdraw all the money you have on deposit at Neteller, or make no withdrawal at all. It also routes your money back through the bank account that’s linked to your Neteller account.

That’s not an issue for me. I’m happy this process has run its circuitous route to the final chorus. For me, the Neteller fiasco was ironic, to say the least. Every penny of my money in Neteller was from writing about poker for European based publications, not from playing online poker.

Most players have relatively small sums on deposit on Neteller. But others have tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars frozen and unavailable to them for months. I’m glad to see this issue come to a peaceful resolution. While not having access to my money was a pain in the neck, there were myriad other outcomes that would have been much worse.

Now I can wait peacefully on the sidelines, cash in hand, until the laws change and Neteller can once again go about its business of funding our online poker accounts.

If you are a Neteller customer, you should have received the following letter today.

Dear Lou,

The NETELLER Plc Group has announced that the distribution of funds to its US members will begin on July 30, 2007.
You are receiving this e-mail because our records reflect that you are a US member who may request funds from NETELLER.

As of July 30, you will be able to make a request for funds on NETELLER’s website by signing in to your account. In the meantime, you should visit our online FAQs for more information about the distribution plan.

Please note that US members will not be able to request funds from the NETELLER website after January 26, 2008.


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