WSOP main event starts today; Lifestyle Show a dog

by Lou on July 6, 2007

The World Series of Poker’s main event, the $10,000 buy-in, no-limit hold’em tournament, kicks off at 12 pm on Friday. Day One is spread out over four days worth of flights. I’m not scheduled to play until tomorrow, Saturday, July 7, a day that also promises to be the biggest wedding day in history as couples all wanting the luck that is supposed to accrue from 7-7-07 rolling their way.

I hope a little will come my way. So far it’s been mixed. I’m at table 107, Seat 3. The table is in that tent that nearly blew away in the high winds of a few weeks ago. But I like seats at the end of the table, and my seat is right there.

All of the registration lines seem to have disappeared, or at least they did when I registered. I arrived in Las Vegas on July 4th, and trundled over to the Rio to sign up at about 8:30 or 9:00 PM. There was a short line for satellite registrants, and only one person ahead of me, and all he wanted to do was ask a question of the registration clerk. So my stay in line was under two minutes. I signed up, plunked down my money and I was good to go.

Yesterday was different. There were long lines of last-minute hopefuls in line to register for satellites in hopes of winning as seat in the main event.

Yesterday was also the first day of the Lifestyle Show. I think this is the third year for that extravaganza, and this year’s show really paled by comparison to the previous two. The room was not sold out and there was empty space in some areas. Also, last year’s big players, such as Pokerstars, Doyle’s Room, Full Tilt, and Party Poker were nowhere to be seen. There was far less energy, fewer people, and it had the look and feel of a flea market that wasn’t all that well attended.

If you’re at the Rio, take it in; it’s free, and you might run across something that interests you. But as for making a special trip just to go there? Fuggetaboudit.

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