Will the Sandstrom Petition Create a California Owned and Operated Online Poker Site?

by Lou on August 12, 2007

San Diegan Tony Sandstrom, is circulating a statewide initiative to create a California owned and operated internet poker site. The profits from this site would go to the State of California as well as to, counties, cities, and towns for to repair highways, roads, and streets. Some profits would also be earmarked for to the California Gambling Addition Fund to treat those with gambling problems. “The politicians will not be permitted to divert these funds,” said Sandstrom.

A California owned online poker site, according to Sandstrom, would be safe and generates revenues to benefit all Californians. “Net revenues could be $75 million or more,” according to the initiative’s author. Sandstrom believes that a California based internet poker site would solve perceived security issues with offshore sites and expand the player base. “The site would open to all domestic and international players. However, it must be legal in the state or the country the player resides in.”

Sandstrom, an online player himself, was inspired to write the initiative when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was rammed through Congress as a rider attached to the must pass Port Security Act.

Sandstrom is linking his success to online efforts. While volunteers might collect signatures, he expects most petitions to come from the web. The complete initiative can be viewed at www.fixpotholes.org, where petitions can be downloaded.

Reaction to the initiative is mixed. The California Teachers Association opposes the measure, fearing a decrease in funds from lottery. Because few lottery play poker, Sandstrom believes the impact on lottery revenues would be insignificant.

Indian tribes are taking a wait and see approach. This initiative gives the right to the State and federally recognized Indian tribes to reach a mutually satisfactory arrangement regarding online poker sites.

The petition is strictly a grass roots effort, and it’s a long road from drafting a petition to getting it on the ballot and getting it passed. All persons signing the petition must be registered voters.

Please mail all petitions to:
Tony Sandstrom
P.O, Box 503932
San Diego, Ca. 92150-3932

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