Bad Beats or Bad Bots at Full Tilt?

by Lou on September 25, 2007

Full Tilt Poker has refunded money to some players who claim to be the victims of “bots” in limit hold’em cash games, and suspended the accounts of at least two of those suspected of employing bots. Although Full Tilt has not confirmed this, the bot accounts are suspected to be JapintheSack and BeatMe1, according to the Poker King website.

Bots have been a complaint of online players for a few years now, and MSNBC’s Mike Brunker wrote an article about bots becoming an issue for online poker three years ago, in 2004. Brunker’s article, which is well worth reading, can be found at

Full Tilt did not state how many players suffered losses by playing against bots, though some players have suggested the number is in the thousands. not publicly announced the number of poker players affected but some players are estimating the numbers to be in the thousands.

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