Gambler’s Book Shop Up for Sale ::sigh::

by Lou on September 30, 2007

One of my favorite spots in Las Vegas is up for sale. The Gambler’s Book Shop is on the block, and I, for one, am going to miss it when it’s sold unless future owners are committed to running it in much the same way as current proprietor Howard Schwartz. (That’s me on the left, interviewing Howard Schwartz during a live remote broadcast of “Keep Flopping Aces,” which airs weekly on

The Gambler’s Book Shop, located at 630 S. 11th street in Las Vegas, is more than just a store. It is a living history of gaming in Nevada and Schwartz and his chief lieutenant Maryann Guberman are living, breathing encyclopedias of gaming and of the history of Las Vegas.

They also have their finger on the gaming book market like no one else does. Just ask either of them about what kind of books are needed to fill gaps in the market, and what subjects have been done to death. They know. They’ll share their opinions, and most of the time they’re right on the money too.

I always make it a point to talk with Howard before I begin a new book, just to get his take on the current book market and what the poker playing public is interested in reading and buying.

The store itself, located in drab surroundings just off Charleston Boulevard, has more books on poker and gaming, on the history of Las Vegas and Nevada—as well as scads of books on organized crime—than any other bookstore I know of. The Gambler’s Book Shop may be the largest gaming book store in the world, and they stock nearly 3,000 different titles that include books, software, video, and audio formats.

They produce a comprehensive catalog a couple of times a year and you can get hold of the current catalog by calling 1.800.522.1777. You can also visit them online at

Howard Schwartz and Maryann Guberman are both looking forward to retiring, though one or both will probably stay on at the store for a few months after it is sold. I hope they do, and I hope they pass on the tradition and organizational culture of Gambler’s Book Shop to the new owners in the process.

This store is an incredible resource for readers, writers, gamblers, poker players, and historians. If any reader is interested in buying it, please email me and I’ll pass the information on to the brokers who are handling the sale.

I realize that change is inevitable, but I hope this place doesn’t change too much when it’s sold. It’s a resource I love, and I hope it continues on in its own inimitable, quirky, helpful, and authoritative fashion, to serve generations of readers to come.

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