Jose Canseco Enters Commerce Casino’s Ladies Poker Tournament

by Lou on September 20, 2007

Former baseball slugger, steroids user, and author Jose Canseco, along with five other men, demanded to enter Commerce Casino’s California State Championship ladies event a few days ago. Although tournament director Cheri Dokken made it clear to all potential players that the tournament was a ladies only event, when push came to shove, Commerce Casino, citing anti-discrimination laws, permitted Canseco and the other five men to play.

One way around this would have been for the ladies event to be a “private” tournament hosted by a group other than Commerce Casino. If the sponsor was a member supported organization they might have been able to make this work, but I’m not an attorney and this is only speculation on my part—not a definitive answer.

What’s in it for Canseco? Is this just another way for him to garner some quick publicity for his next book or whatever else he is promoting these days? Or is it a way for him to stay in touch with his feminine side? With Canseco, you never know, and what you see when you look at Canseco is usually quite different from what you get.

This all brings to mind vivid pictures of the “tiltboys” of a decade or so ago dressing in drag to enter a ladies only tournament. Or perhaps that photograph of Oscar de la Hoya in fishnets and a long wig that’s been making the rounds on the Internet this past week is an even better, more contemporary visual.

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