Pammie’s boyfriend revealed

by Lou on September 13, 2007

When the news is hot, it breaks fast. Word on the street is that Pam Anderson’s new boyfriend is Rick Salomon, the playboy whose main claim to fame is that he costarred in Paris Hilton’s sex tape.

Now Pammie is no stranger to sex tapes. The now famous video she made with ex-hubby Tommy Lee has been seen by millions. Rick’s relationship with Pam may give him a chance to make another tape with another costar, and if it doesn’t make him famous, he’ll certainly be the envy of many.

Somehow this story is just much jucier than the usual scandals in the poker world. Brandi and Capt’n Tom just don’t measure up to Pam Anderson and whoever she’s involved with. Even events that have only a peripheral relationship to Anderson make for great gossip. After all, Pam was not directly involved in the recent fistfight between Tommy Lee and Kid Rock—the Battle of Anderson’s Exes—but just the fact that she was married to each of them makes it a gossip monger’s delight.

I guess that’s what real star power is all about!

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