You Wouldn’t Believe This Poker Hand Unless You Saw It.

by Lou on September 4, 2007

This is the kind of hand you’d expect to see in a bad poker movie. If it happened online, everyone would be screaming that the game is rigged. If you’re a poker conspiracy theorist, this hand is your wet dream. But it happened at the final table of the Grand Casino Tunica’s third WSOP circuit event, $500 no-limit hold’em, as Young Phan (pictured right) won a hand almost no one would believe if it hadn’t occurred before a gaggle of witnesses.
Here’s how poker reporter Max Shapiro described it: Three players were left. Young Phan was heads-up against Mack Ham with pocket 7s against Ham’s pocket 5s. On the flop, Ham took the lead with a set when the flop came 6h-5s-3h. He made a small trap bet of 16,000 and Phan moved in. Then a 4h turned to give Phan a straight. But a river 5h gave Ham quads! He jumped up excitedly, until Phan pointed out that one of his 7s was a heart, giving him a straight flush!!!

Ham busted out, Phan regained his chip lead, and then went on win the event, earning $40,348 and a handsome trophy ring.

This is just proof positive that anything is possible in poker, and if you hang around the game long enough, you’ll see it happen.

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