AJ Green, the culprit in the Absolute Scandal, found hiding in Canada

by Lou on October 30, 2007

According to Gambling911.com, a site that does a terrific job covering gaming issues, reports that one of the principals in the Absolute Poker cheating scandal, Alan John Grimard—or A.J. Green, if you prefer (pictured left)—was located in his native Canada.
Gambling911 has uncovered his home address, although they haven’t released it out of concern for his safety. But they did release his email address. It’s peptona@hotmail.com.

Now you can write to him directly, though I’m betting he won’t respond, and ask why he did what he did, and what he plans to do now that he is persona non grata in the world of online gaming.

Even though Absolute Poker has been paying back his victims back, there are probably plenty of folks out there who want a piece of Grimard for this or other reasons. According to the Gambling911 report, Grimard was a complete schmuck aside and apart from his criminal activities, and is not a guy with many friends.

Now he needs eyes in the back of his head too.

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