Big Doings on High Stakes Poker

by Lou on November 15, 2007

If you didn’t watch in real time, you need to look for a rerun of last Monday’s episode of High Stakes Poker to see an amazing hand. Patrik Antonius raised to $4,000 with As-Jd and Jamie Gold (pictured right) reraised to $14,000 with pocket kings. Antonius called. Everyone else folded.

The flop was 3s-Qd-Th. Antonius checked his gut-shot straight draw and Gold bet $15,000 with his kings. Antonius called.
The turn was a card both players had hoped for, the Kh. It gave Gold top set, while Antonius had an ace-high straight, the best possible hand.
Antonius bet $45,000. Gold, never putting Antonius on a gut-shot straight draw, moved all-in for $341,500. Antonius called without hesitation and viewers were treated to the biggest pot in the show’s history: $743,800 was on the table.
Gold and Antonius decided to run the river card three times, so there was nearly a quarter-million riding on each card.

Gold was a big underdog, but on the first run-through he caught the Qh, which paired the board and Jamie’s full-house was the best hand. Gold shouted “Yes!” sounding like Marv Albert does as he escaped at least once.

The second time they ran the river card, Gold caught the 3d for another full house. Antonius sat stunned and silent, having just lost $500,000 on two cards.

By the third run-through, there weren’t many cards left for Gold to catch and Antonius’ hand held up when the 8s fell on the river, allowing him to collect one-third of the pot. Had he lost that final encounter, he would have dropped nearly three-quarters of a million on that hand. As it was, he only lost $250,000.

When the hand was over, show host A.J. Benza said drolly, “I tell you one thing: Patrik can take a punch. Imagine if that was Phil Hellmuth.”

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