Nevada Gaming Control Board Set to Release Study Supporting Online Poker

by Lou on November 28, 2007

According to a report in the Las Vegas Sun, the Nevada Gaming Control Board is ready to release a study by the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) that measures how many Nevadans gamble online and their attitudes toward legal Internet gambling. They hope this study will be viewed as another step toward the legalization and regulation of online gaming.

The survey, commissioned by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, is intended to inform lawmakers about the pros and cons of regulating online gaming—a business considered illegal by the Department of Justice and the current administration.

Nevada approved legislation in 2003 to allow regulators to study whether Internet gambling could be regulated. Since 2003, technology that locates and identifies online players through satellite signals, as well as procedures supporting online background checks, has been developed.

“It’s historically been the policy of the state of Nevada to regulate gaming so that we can protect patrons and make sure they get paid when they win,” said Las Vegas gaming attorney Tony Cabot. He also pointed out that the UNLV study may show sufficient gambling dollars going offshore to warrant state efforts to tap into that revenue.

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