Bluff Magazine Fires Managing Editor Chris Vaughn For Cheating in Online Poker Tournament, Then Lying About It to an Interviewer

by Lou on December 15, 2007

Bluff Magazine, after saying that they would discipline but not fire managing editor Chris Vaughn, sacked him earlier this week. He was fired cheating in an online poker tournament and lying about it when confronted by an interviewer.

“Bluff Media, publisher of Bluff Magazine, has made the decision to terminate Chris Vaughn as managing editor,” they reported on their web site.

They added, “In light of Chris’ involvement, recently admitted facts and the feedback obtained from industry professionals, it became apparent that the credibility required to perform the job functions of managing editor of Bluff Magazine at our company’s level of standards have become severely diminished.

“While we regret having to make this decision, we believe that it is the best alternative for all parties involved, including Chris, Bluff Media and the poker playing community at large. We wish Chris the best of luck.”

Here are the gory details: Vaughn recently won a tournament at Full Tilt Poker. But that was only the beginning, not the end. Towards the end of the tournament Vaughn sold his account. In other words, he peddled his position in the tournament’s pecking order to another player—presumably a better one—who went on to win the event.

Vaughn compounded his culpability because he lied about doing this in a radio interview.

He wasn’t the first player to sell his position in a tournament and probably won’t be the last, but it does violate one of poker’s prime directives: One player per hand. It’s not a gray area, either. Selling your interest in a poker tournament is a form of cheating, and violates the terms of service at online poker rooms.

Vaughn’s interview was webcast at After the story came to light, Vaughn admitted his lie to Poker News.

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