I’m Calling Out Absolute Poker

by Lou on December 29, 2007

The Absolute Poker Scandal is Poker’s Story of the Year
The scandal involving Absolute Poker, with the online poker community doing much of the detective work that led to the uncovering of a “superuser” account that had access to all the cards in play during a tournament, is surely the poker news story of the year.

The surges of interest within the online poker community held Absolute’s feet to the fire and finally admit that some of their employees had indeed gaffed a tournament to their own benefit.

Absolute Promised anAudit Report by December 7, But Failed to Deliver. I Want to Know Why.
But now it’s been a month since there’s been any news at all from Absolute. In a November 22 press release they said that an investigation and audit were underway. They promised to send a copy of the audit report to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission by December 7, 2007. So far, no word, and here it is nearly a month beyond the promised date. There’s not even a statement to the effect that the report was delayed, and when its release might be expected.

Why Does Anyone Still Play at Absolute?
So who’s still playing at Absolute? Quite a few, actually, if you check the stats.
I’m Calling Out Absolute for their Failure to Stand Up and Answer
And I’m wondering why. On the edge of a new year, it’s time to call out Absolute, and call out anyone who is foolish enough to play at a site that had a major problem and now does not have the intellectual honesty, the courage, the conviction, or the cojones to provide honest answers.
I’m Calling Out Absolute’s Players Too
I’m calling out Absolute’s players too. You must be fools to entrust your money to a site that will not stand up and take responsibility for their actions, or lack thereof, when it comes to keeping your money and your game safe and secure. It’s not like Absolute is the only game in town. Players, you have a choice, and none of the other online poker rooms seem as rife with security and honesty issues as Absolute.

Absolute Seems Happy to Let Time Disolve this Story’s Furor
It appears as though Absolute is happy to let time pass and erode the furor and indignation that accompanied this story when it first broke. Now, instead of a detective story, the scandal looks to be well on its way to becoming a market place issue. If that’s the case, then only the actions of Absolute’s customers, by voting with their feet, can force Absolute to ‘fess up, explain what really happened, share the audit report with the online poker community, and explain how they will prevent this from happening again.

I’ve never played at Absolute. I don’t have any particular axe to grind. But that’s not important. What is important is that I plan never to play there unless Absolute is forthright and forthcoming about their role in online poker’s biggest scandal to date.

Absolute Poker: It’s Time to Do the Right Thing
Happy New Year, Absolute Poker: I’m calling you out to answer for your behavior, and to show the online poker community how you plan to guard against this in the future. I’m also calling out Absolute’s players, asking you why you persist in supporting a site that will not respond to their role in poker’s biggest scandal ever.
If you want to help put the Absolute Poker Scandal to rest, take your money and play elsewhere, at least until Absolute bellies up to the bar with some explanations and a plan for going forward. If you believe in honest poker, it’s the least you can do.

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