Absolute Poker Investigation Report is Released

by Lou on January 12, 2008

Earlier today the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) released the results of their investigation into Absolute Poker.

* As a result of AP’s breach of KGC regulations, all aspects of Absolute Poker’s operations will be subject to random audits conducted by the Commission or its agents over the next two years. If AP is found to have breached and provisions of Kahnawake gaming law, Absolute Poker’s Client Provider Authorization—it’s license to operate—may be suspended or revoked.
* Absolute Poker is required to implement a continuous compliance program, along with other remedial measures directed by KGC.
* Those persons responsible for the activities will be permanently removed from playing any role in AP’s operations. * AP is fined $500,000, to be paid in full within 60 days.
* AP must post a security deposit that will be held by KGC for two years and used to offset costs associated with any future breaches of Kahnawake gaming law, including any work performed as a result of the audit and the decision.
* AP will pay all costs associated with KGC’s investigation.

KGC, on October 17, 2007, directed Gaming Associates to “… carry out the necessary inquiries, audits and reviews of AP’s systems and personnel.” Based on the audit conducted by Gaming Associates, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission made the following findings of fact:

* Beginning on August 14 for a period of six weeks, the accounts listed below were used to compromise AP’s systems by using software that enabled users to view hole cards of other players, resulting in unfair play. The players in question are:


* After these activities took place, persons associated with AP’s operations deleted certain gaming program logs and records that hampered the Commission’s investigation.
* AP failed to contact the Commission within 24 hours after they became aware these activities occurred.
* Shortly after these activities became known, AP “…made expeditious efforts to appropriately reimburse all players who had participated in games in which the impugned activities occurred, with interest.”
* AP has taken action to address the vulnerability in its systems that allowed these activities to take place and to prevent their systems from being compromised again. their systems from being compromised again.

Here’s the entire report: http://www.kahnawake.com/gamingcommission/KGC-AP-0111.pdf

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Anonymous July 22, 2008 at 10:09 pm

HI I play tourneys on Absoute Poker
I have noticed a majority of the times the players with the large stacks seem to always get the best
cards with the last few player still in the tourney Is it possible that AP wants
to end the tourneys early. Has anyone else seen this? Is it possible they would do this???

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