GPSTS founder Charles Nesson Proposes Presidential Candidates Play Poker to See If They Understand Strategy

by Lou on January 30, 2008

Charles Nesson, Harvard law professor and founder of the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society (GPSTS) was a guest on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report.

I’ve blogged about Nesson before. Back on August 14 I wrote about his plan to organize poker strategic thinking societies at universities and secondary schools. At an international conference called State of Play held in Singapore last summer, Nesson advanced the idea that poker can teach everything from basic life skills to war games at military colleges.

Students at several top universities formed poker clubs as part of Nesson’s Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society (GPSTS) in preparation for a national collegiate team poker tournament and conference next year that’s aimed at promoting poker’s educational benefits.Nesson hopes that poker societies will reach the point where they have an NCAA-style championship in team poker for American universities and envisions an open online curriculum centered on poker that will draw the brightest minds together to promote open education and Internet democracy.

He chatted with the sarcastic and cynical Stephen Colbert about the strategic benefits of playing poker and talked about some of his goals for the GPSTS—and how online poker can help people learn skills that transfer seamlessly into real life. He proposed that all of the presidential candidates get together and play poker on The Colbert Report to see how well they understand strategy.

I’d love to see that, but somehow I doubt it would ever come about.

A video of the interview is posted to Comedy Central’s website:

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