Take the Money and Run

by Lou on January 15, 2008

Everyone’s talking about online poker network Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS), an online poker network that includes Wingows Poker and others has cut and run, folding their tents in the dead of night and scarpering with nary a word or announcement.
If the Shoe Fits, Steal it!
Sports Book Review reported that DGS closed with licensee funds as well as poker player account balances, and comments on public forums have been saying that several poker rooms on this network withheld payments from poker account holders for several weeks.
How Wingows Gave Me $300…
I have my own funny, Wingows story. Some time ago, when they were talking about having me represent their site, they put $300 in an account so that I could try out their software—which I did. The deal never came to fruition, and I’d forgotten about it entirely.
…Then Snatched it Away From Me
A couple of weeks ago I was noodling around my computer desktop and saw a Wingows shortcut that I’d stuck in a file of seldom-used shortcuts and decided to play at the site for an hour or two, then withdraw the balance of the account. To my surprise, Wingows beat me to the punch. They snatched the money ostensibly given to me right out from under my nose. I don’t know when they did that. It could have been any time in the last year.
So all I have from my short flirtation with Wingows is a nice, collared polo shirt with their logo on it. I used to like wearing it; in fact, it was one of my favorite poker shirts. But as of today it’s been relegated to one I wear when I degrease, clean, and lubricate my bike.
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Easy come, easy go, and I’m a polo shirt to the good in my Wingows account balance.

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