Pam Anderson Seeks to Annul Marriage to Poker Player Rick Salomon

by Lou on February 29, 2008

Like the Stones said, “You can’t always get what you want.” Poor Pammie, it seems, can never get what she wants, especially where poker or relationships are concerned.

Her relationship with Kid Rock, which ended last year lasted just about three months—just about as long as her involvement with poker. Then she married poker player Rick Salomon after they first got together in a rather unique way. Salomon, has two claims to fame. Riding in like the metaphorical knight in shining armor, he paid off a $250,000 gambling debt that Anderson incurred. In exchange for Salomon paying off her quarter-mil debt, she agreed to have sex with him.

In the process of that sex-for-lots-of-money exchange, they fell in love and had been inseparable ever since, at least until recently. Salomon—also poker player—was better known as the co-star of the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape, One Night in Paris, at least he was until he really raised his fame by becoming Mr. Pam Anderson.

Salomon’s sex tape with Paris gave Rick and Pammie something else in common, since Pam made a famous sex tape herself, with former hubby Tommy Lee.

On October 8, right here in this blog, I wrote: “I’m setting the over/under on this latest marriage at six months, so for all you guys out there with a Pammie fixation, please bide your time. You might be next.” Well, six months would have come around on April 8, but since this is still February—even if it is leap year—the unders win again.

Poor Pammie. She can’t seem to find happiness no matter what she does. At least she won’t have another divorce on her track record. She’s seeking annulment, which is the legal equivalent of the marriage never having happened. But she’ll always have a spot right here in this blog. Sometimes we’d have a hard time filling space without her.

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