Salomon Responds to Pam Anderson’s Divorce Filing With One of His Own

by Lou on March 24, 2008

Professional poker player Rick Salomon responded to estranged wife Pamela Anderson’s divorce filing with one of his own. After Pam filed to have the two-month marriage annulled by reason of fraud, Salomon responded with papers that also argued that the marriage was fraudulent, although neither party specified the nature of the fraud.

Salomon and Anderson met during a poker session where Anderson lost $250,000. To settle the debt, Anderson proposed that she and Salomon have sex.Soon they were engaged and then married last October, following a whirlwind romance that started with a night of prostitution.

But it was all over in a hurry, and the couple had split by December. Anderson began divorce proceedings shortly thereafter.

Salomon, the son of a former vice-president at Warner Brothers, was previously married to actresses Elizabeth Daily and Shannon Doherty, and had his 15 minutes of fame starring in One Night in Paris, the famous Paris Hilton sex tape. Former Baywatch star Anderson was previously married to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock—the latter a three-month quickie.

Anderson’s been involved with poker off-and-on, and once was a spokesperson for Doyle’s Room. But her flirtations with poker seem to last only about as long as her marriages.

The over/under on a Pam Anderson marriage or poker commitment seems to be about three months.Will she turn up again at this year’s World Series of Poker, on the lookout for a high-stakes game or a new man in her life? We can only watch and wait.

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