Help Elect Scott McKay to the Washington State Senate; Help Overturn their Draconian Internet Poker Ban

by Lou on June 21, 2008

Last night, on Keep Flopping Aces, my internet radio show that’s webcast on, I had Seattle attorney Scott McKay as my guest.

Scott is running for the Washington State senate against incumbent Margarita Prentice, the senator who pushed through Washington’s internet poker ban. Once of McKay’s central goals is to overturn the ban on Internet poker, a law that criminalizes a recreational hobby enjoyed by tens of thousands of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.

His district—the 11th Senatorial District—is in Seattle, south of the city center and runs through an area that includes Boeing field. McKay is anticipating that only about 15,000 people will vote in the August 19 primary.

If you live in his district, or know anyone who does, please advise them to register and vote for Scott McKay to help overturn this ridiculous law. In addition, if you can provide the McKay campaign with names or email addresses of local people who might be willing to volunteer or help to get his message out, it would be a terrific help.

We poker players have a lot more political power than we realize, and there’s no reason why Margarita Prentice can’t be turned out of office. McKay estimates that 6,000 residents in his district are regular online poker players. If they all vote as a bloc, that’s more than enough to accomplish the task at hand.

If you’re in a position to help Scott McKay’s election effort and help Washington State poker players in the process, please contact the McKay campaign and lend a hand.

Scott McKay

Campaign Address
P.O. Box 140
2701 California Avenue S.W.
Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 762-7834

You can listen to my interview with Scott McKay by downloading it as a podcast in a few days. Just go to http://www.roundersradio/ and navigate your way from there.


K_Kahne_Fan June 21, 2008 at 7:05 pm

Would you mind if I add your blog to

Earl Burton June 22, 2008 at 7:36 am


I am sure you know about Lee Rousso’s effort to make a run at the governorship. He dropped it…

Now if Mr. McKay feels he has the backing, more power to him. But when the leader of the WA PPA membership backs off his run, it doesn’t bode well.


gtycoon June 23, 2008 at 1:33 am

It’s great to see people standing up to fight this and willing to get involved in the political process.

Thanks for sharing this with your readers Lou so the info can get passed on. The only way this can be beat is if everyone continues to put pressure on them.

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