A.J Green, the man behind the Absolut Poker Scandal, building Mansion in Costa Rica

by Lou on August 25, 2008

The Gambling911.com website reports that A.J. Green (also known as Allan Grimard) one of the perpetrators behind the Absolute Poker scandal was located in Costa Rica. “He just bought a brand new Toyota Prado Land Cruiser,” according to an unnamed Gambling911.com source.

That same source reported that Grimard has a huge yacht and is building a gigantic mansion in Los Suenos, a resort area on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.
Green was reputed to operate superuser accounts that enabled him to cheat by having access to other players’ hole cards.
He was a relatively low-level supervisor while at Absolute Poker and his salary was not nearly sufficient to allow him to afford the kind of luxuries he is now buying.

While Green has neither been arrested nor charged with a crime in the Absolute Scandal, continuing pressure led to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which oversees both Absolute Poker and UltimateBet, to hire former New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement director, Frank Catania, to look into the matter.
If you’re jealous of A.J. Green, you have every right to be, especially if you were a customer of Absolute Poker. He’s buying a yacht and building a mansion on money he stole from other players, maybe even from you, and he has yet to answer for his actions.
I wrote to Green a month or so ago, asking him to come on Keep Flopping Aces, my Internet radio show that is broadcast on http://www.roundersradio.com/ every Thursday night and give his side of the story. I’ve never met Green, but given what I’ve read of him, I did not expect him to take me up on my offer, and true to form, he never even responded to my request.
Well, A.J., my offer still stands. If you have a side of to this story to tell, I’ll be glad to bring you on the air for an hour and give you a chance to explain it.
I’m hoping he’ll take me up on my offer, but it’s not something I’d bet on—even if I was certain Green could not see all of my cards.

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