HR-6663 Seeks to Shield Businesses and Officials from UIGEA

by Lou on August 2, 2008

Texas Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX)—pictured right—recently introduced HR-6663, the UIGEA Clarification Act. This bill would prohibit prosecuting any company or individual associated with a company that stopped taking US Internet bets after October 13, 2006. If enacted into law, the bill would shield companies and individuals from prosecution on gambling charges or financial crimes related to gambling.

Companies like Party Gaming, and other publicly traded gaming firms and their officials who exited the US market when UIGEA was introduced, would benefit from this bill’s passage.
Session’s bill, however, does not provide a shield for companies that took sports bets before or after UIGEA. HR-6663 will be held up by Congress’ August recess and nothing is expected to happen on it until September. It has been submitted to the House Committee on the Judiciary, where it awaits action after Congress reconvenes.

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gtycoon August 3, 2008 at 1:39 am

Even if it isn’t enacted into law, how could they possibly go after everyone? Or would they just make an example out of a few?

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