Offensive Body Odor Gets Player 86ed From Borgata

by Lou on August 2, 2008

Long-time poker player Michael Wax was eighty-sixed from the Borgata Casino’s poker room for his body odor, which caused a number of complaints from others at the table.

The 440 pound Wax had been playing 17 hours straight when he was approached by a casino manager in the restroom, who told him that his body odor was offensive to others at the table and several complaints had been received.

Wax brushed off the message, attempted to return to his seat, only to be told to stop playing and leave the premises. When Wax asked whether the casino would allow him to freshen up in a vacant hotel room, they refused and instead asked Wax to leave immediately.

Wax, a frequent player at the Borgata’s poker room, complained to the Casino Control Commission for embarrassing him in front of the other poker players. His complaint is now under review.

Though he admits to the body odor problem, Michael seeks an apology from the casino for what he claims is public embarrassment, although the casino brought the issue to his attention in the privacy of the restroom.

It’s hard to tell who’s right and who’s wrong if you weren’t there to witness these events, and I was not. But we’ve all played at tables where there’s one player in dire need of a bath and deodorant, and it’s not enjoyable. So my take on this—and I’m operating on hearsay because I wasn’t there—is that the casino did its customers a favor by tossing the offending poker player, although if he is a good customer and regular player and vacant rooms were available, there’s no reason why they couldn’t have allowed him to shower and freshen up before returning to the table.

That’s one of the hidden advantages of online poker. If someone has been playing 17 hours straight and is in real need of a bath, that someone is you. There are never anyone else’s grooming issues to cause you grief when you’re the only one in the room.


gtycoon August 3, 2008 at 1:44 am

I can understand the other players not wanting to endure the odor. I guess it would have been generous of the casino to offer a room to freshen up, but they are not obligated obviously. I guess he isn’t a high roller because the casino would bend over backwards to make him comfortable.

Disciples of Poker August 3, 2008 at 2:04 pm

If his smell is offensive and it can’t be tied to a specific health problem, he should have corrected the problem.

CSuave August 5, 2008 at 2:12 pm

Hate to say it but I don’t really feel sorry for the guy.
It is rude to be aware of your own odor and know it bothers others and still ignore the situation. He was looking for a handout in the form of a comped room to at least shower in. What would he have done with his offending clothing also, bought new ones? If he could afford to buy new ones then he could afford to pay for the room.

Something About Poker August 11, 2008 at 2:53 am

I work in a casino as a black jack (Getting poker soon) dealer and some punters don’t leave the casino for hours on end, they drink coffee, smoke cigarettes all day and sweat profusely trying to get back to even, when they breathe you just want to throw up, Mind you.. “I can talk”, the longest I have stayed on a poker table was 12 hours…and yes I just broke even, went home had a shower, brushed my teeth slept for ten hours then went back the next night.

Hence the reason I left grinding it out for a living and switched to dealing.

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