Rumors Say 60 Minutes Will Air Poker Scandal Story November 9

by Lou on October 29, 2008

If you’re eagerly awaiting the 60 Minutes expose of the Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker Scandal, you’ll have to wait a little longer—until November 9 according to current rumors. Actually, that timing makes good sense because it means the story will air just around the time that the World Series of Poker’s final table is about to be played to conclusion.

Rumors say that Mike Sexton, Greg Raymer, Linda Johnson, Gary Wise, and online poker players-turned-sleuths Serge Ravitch, Michael Josem and Todd Witteles were interviewed as part of this story. Poker News recently reported that the Washington Post scheduled a story about online poker to run on or about November 9 too.

It looks like former WSOP main event winner Russ Hamilton has been thrown under the bus as the mastermind behind the scandals, but many in the poker community are wondering if Hamilton is simply a sacrificial lamb being brought to the alter in hopes that other names will not be brought forward in this scandal.
I don’t know all the facts, but simple logic suggests that this had to be a collaborative scandal, and that while Russ might be guilty—he may, in fact, be history’s biggest poker cheat—he is probably not the only one.

Nevertheless, Hamilton makes a compelling sacrificial lamb. He is a big name in the poker world—a WSOP main event bracelet winner—and a guy who has been around for quite some time. Nothing sells scandals to the general public so much as a big name insider. After all, Jose Canseco and Barry Bonds brought media attention to baseball’s steroids scandal in a way that some .220 hitting shortstop never could.

Big names bring out the crowds, for better or for worse, and Hamilton is the kind of big poker name that will attract the attention that 60 Minutes thrives on.

Meanwhile, we’ll all have to wait and wonder for a bit longer.

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Anonymous December 1, 2008 at 10:58 pm

does this really surprise anyone ? after all anyone that has been on has seen people cheating on pokerstars and other sites. This is been going on for as long as the sites have been up I personally have had the best hand only to see the chips go to other players and when I complained I got no responce at all from the site. They sure as hell knew this was happening but why expose it when the only ones getting hurt are the idiots that thought the sites where safe to begin with?

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