Clonie Gowen Files $40 Million Suit Against Full Tilt

by Lou on November 18, 2008

Former Full-Tilt member Clonie Gowen brought a $40,00,000 lawsuit against FTP for breach of contract, alleging she is owed a 1 percent ownership stake promised her during a phone conversation with Full Tilt executives. This oral agreement is not supported by a written contract, which makes the existence of a legal contract tougher to prove.

The alleged oral contract was executed in 2004 with FTP and Clonie promoted the Full Tilt brand on tournament circuit. Howard Lederer reportedly offered her a distribution check of $250,000 in 2007, but Gowen declined to accept it. Nevertheless, Clonie continued wearing FTP logo gear wherever she played.

After the relationship between Gowen and Full Tilt ended on November 11, 2008, she filed suit in Las Vegas a few days later.
Most legal experts are guessing that this will be settled out of court because Full Tilt Poker probably doesn’t want their financial information to become a matter of public record. But there’s a large spread between the $40 million she’s asking and the $250,000 she’s been offered, and it looks like a question of which briefcase will she accept.

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rakeback river November 30, 2008 at 10:49 pm

I think 4 billion in a little bit high for an estimate. Maybe 2 billion. I think she’ll get 1-2 million as a parting gift and then we’ll see her on some reality tv show.

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