Where’s Calvin?

by Lou on January 10, 2009

Calvin Ayre, who developed his Internet gambling firm Bodog into the world’s largest online sports betting company, is under severe and increasing pressure from US authorities, including the Internal Revenue Service.
Bodog, which began operations in Costa Rica before moving to the Caribbean island of Antigua, never paid taxes on its US earnings. And Ayers probably doesn’t score any points with US authorities by playing up his glamorous, now-you-see-me, now-you don’t image.
The Malta Independent newspaper states that IRS investigators filed court documents describing how Bodog used a string of companies in Malta to circumvent U.S. regulations so it could make payouts to American players, who are the bulk of its customer base.
The IRS already seized $24 million of Bodog’s funds from US payment processors and wants more. The once conspicuous Ayre, who was the print advertising face of Bodog and it’s glamour-personifying, high-roller lifestyle, has seemingly vanished into thin air, and unsubstantiated reports have him residing in various Asian countries that do not have extradition treaties with the U.S.

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