White -Listing Causes Boom in Antiguan Online Gaming

by Lou on January 10, 2009

Following approval by the British Internet casino regulators, the now white-listed Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda is enjoying a boom in its online gambling industry.

White-listing is a process that applies stringent regulatory measures on Internet gambling operations in Antigua, which include safe-guarding for age verification, money laundering prevention, and honest, reliable games and payment systems that meet standards promulgated by the United Kingdom. White-listing is the dominant factor behind the surge in Antiguan online gaming, and Internet gambling sites that subject themselves to Antiguan regulation can now advertise in the UK.

The Antiguan economy was dealt a crippling blow by the US government when it enacted UIGEA and banned these operations because of worries about uncontrolled gambling sites. It’s ironic, but US patrons now face an increasingly unsafe environment for online poker, while Antigua offers a regulated and protected market.

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