Well Know Players Banned From Online Sites for Playing Multiple Accounts

by Lou on February 17, 2009

Josh Field, aka JJProdigy, who cheated before and was seemingly given another break when he issued his mea culpa to the poker community, was banned from Cake Poker last week after an investigation revealed Field was still engaged in multi-accounting.
Field was a known multi-accounter who was involved in scandals at various sites and was banned from many major online sites as a result.
According to current information, Field played as “OnThatGrind” and allowed players he was staking to use that account in high limit games, resulting in his banishment from Cake Poker.

Other instances where players used multiple accounts at Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker included some very well-known names such as high-stakes player Dustin “NeverWin” Wolff and “YourTimeisUp.”
These bans involved the use of multiple aliases or accounts to play in games at separate times, rather than playing on several accounts simultaneously.

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