Accroding to Greg Raymer, Card Player Magazine Calls DoJ Bluff

by Lou on March 28, 2009

According to Greg Raymer, the Department of Justice warned, then raided the offices of Card Player to seize documents as a bullying tactic.
While DoJ is generally successful where those accused wuss out, turn tail and run—or worse yet, legitimize DoJ’s bully tactics by agreeing to shakedown fines—Barry Shulman stood up to the schoolyard bully and the schoolyard tyrant simply slinked away.
In a National Review article, Raymer said:
“Card Player magazine is a perfect example. They were running ads for real money sites—when you see a TV commercial right now, it’s for sites that only give you access to play money games. Card Player magazine was still running commercials for sites that offered real-money poker games. The Department of Justice was threatening them, sending them letters, that if they didn’t cease and desist, arrests would follow. They then came in with warrants, searched the offices, seized documents, maintained copies of those documents to use in a prosecution. But they never sought an indictment.
“In my opinion, it’s because the Department of Justice knew that if they actually went to court with Card Player—and the Department of Justice knew they would fight, that they wouldn’t settle out of court—then they would have to live with whatever the judge said.”

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