Tom Dwan retakes lead in his challenge match against Patrik Antonius

by Lou on March 28, 2009

The uber-stakes match online between Tom “durrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius revved up a bit as of late, and after seeing Antonius take a small lead, Dwan regained the momentum. But in a match where fewer than 7,000 hands have been played and 43,000 remain to be contested, this first Durrrr Challenge is still very much up for grabs.
Durr and Antonius are playing four tables simultaneously, and buying in with an average of about $50,000 per table—hardly chickenfeed by anyone’s standards, and this game is still in the early innings.
This match is likely to progress in spurts and stops, because each player has differing commitments and the match can only be played when both players’ schedules permit. So you’re likely to see weeks of pretty intense action and weeks where nothing at all transpires, and even when they are playing four tables simultaneously, it does take a while to reach 50,000 hands.
This match has generated an incredible amount of buzz, perhaps equaling Andy Beal’s match against a consortium of top Vegas pros. Maybe it will even wind up a thing of legend, right up there with the now mythic five-month event that forever linked poker and Las Vegas—the heads-up poker game played by Nick the Greek and Johnny Moss in the window of Binion’s way back in Las Vegas’ early days.

You can follow the match online at Full Tilt Poker, although there’s no real schedule and it’s catch as catch can as to when they’ll be playing next.

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