US to negotiate online gaming trade infringements with European Union

by Lou on March 28, 2009

According to a Reuters report released a few days ago, according to the European Union, a US Justice Department crackdown on European online gambling companies violates American commitments under the World Trade Organization.
The 27-nation European Union executive plans to seek a negotiated solution with the United States, rather than filing a complaint at the WTO.
Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), House Financial Services Committee Chairman, welcomes the EU finding and will introduce legislation after the congressional recess in early April to overturn the U.S. ban on Internet gambling.
“I’m struck by the people who think we have to abide absolutely and religiously by the WTO … but when it comes to banning gambling and the WTO, they ignore it,” Frank said.
“The report finds that U.S. laws on remote gambling and their enforcement against EU companies constitute a barrier to market access on EU economic interests,” the EU said in a summary. “Furthermore, EU companies are discriminated against: U.S. companies are allowed to freely operate online gambling on horse racing in the U.S., while European companies and individuals cannot and even face legal action,” the EU said.
DoJ and the US Trade Representative’s office each plan to review the report and discuss it with the EU.
Small steps, to be sure, but they appear to be steps in the right direction. Let’s hope so.

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