Most of Clonie’s Lawsuit Against Full Tilt Dismissed

by Lou on May 6, 2009

In court action taken last week in the United States District Court in Las Vegas, most of Clonie Gowen’s lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker was dismissed.

On April 27, the Court ruled that claims against several of the players named in her previous complaint—including Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Jennifer Harman, and Andy Bloch—lacked merit and were dismissed with prejudice, meaning that she cannot re-file them.

Three defendants in Gowen’s case that were separated from the others. They include Tiltware LLC, Tiltware Owner Ray Bitar, and Howard Lederer, and they were dismissed without prejudice. That gives Gowen’s the ability to re-file against them.

Gowen’s suit alleged that in 2004 she accepted a one percent stake in Tiltware and Full Tilt Poker in exchange for serving as a celebrity endorser and a “member of Team Full Tilt.” She claimed she received no compensation beyond her ownership stake for wearing Full Tilt merchandise and for representing the Full Tilt brand as a celebrity poker player.
Gowen alleged that fellow Team Full Tilt members received distribution checks from the companies, but she did not.According to Gowen, Lederer offered to pay her approximately $250,000 on November 6, 2007 for “past performance,” but she rejected the offer because it was only a fraction of what was owed to her.
Gowen continued working as a member of Team Full Tilt until November 11, 2008, when she was told that Full Tilt planned to issue a press release informing the public that she was no longer a member of the team. Her lawsuit followed a few days later.

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