A new “Durrr Challenge.” This time it’s in person!

by Lou on August 18, 2009

With his original, 50,000 hand online, multi-table challenge against Patrik Antonius seemingly stalled at the halfway point against, Tom “durrr” Dwan (pictured right) announced a new Durrr Challenge—and this time it will be played up-close and personal, in a brick-and-mortar casino.
The new one, entitled the “Durrr Million Dollar Challenge,” will be a lot easier to play and complete than the Durrr vs. Antonius uber-marathon 50,000-hand, online, multi-table event. The new live challenge match will run 500 hands, and feature a $500,000 buy-in with blinds of $500-$1,000. Neither player can leave the contest until 500 hands are reached or a player is down to the felt.

Dwan’s opponent will be Sammy “Any Two” George, a London businessman who’s aptly named, and is famous for playing any two cards. Although comparatively unknown on this side of the Atlantic, he appears regularly on UK poker shows like Poker Million and The Big Game.
The Durrr Million Dollar Challenge is slated to take place in London during September. While the 50,000 hand Durrr vs. Antonius marathon may not be finished by December—if that early—a 500-hand match should take no more than 15 hours to complete, which I estimated based on 35 hands per hour.

So if they go at it in one fell swoop, the new Durrr Challenge could be played in one long day of poker. If they want a more sensible pace along with a good night’s sleep, they’ll be able to finish this match in a weekend.

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