Former BetOn-Sports Boss David Carruthers Drops Guilty Plea

by Lou on October 5, 2009

Remember David Carruthers? He’s the Edinburgh-born former CEO of online bookie BetOn-Sports who spent the past three years under house arrest in a Missouri hotel, pending a court appearance for violating the Wire Act, a 1960s prohibiting sports wagering over the phone.

He pled guilty to racketeering charges—part of a deal by which Carruthers would be sentenced to 33 months—but just a few days before he was to be sentenced, he opted out of his plea. The timing is a little strange to say the least, because his attorneys were planning to argue that he served his time and should be released.

Now Carruthers has a change of plea hearing scheduled October 14. His defense team gave no reason for his change of mind, and the prosecution was also mum.

Carruthers was arrested in July 2006 on charges that he headed a company that accepted unlawful sports bets on the web from Americans. The arrest occurred when he changed planes in Dallas Airport on his way to Costa Rica, where the company was headquartered. Since his arrest, Carruthers has been confined to a hotel in Clayton, Missouri.

I’m wondering why he decided to drop his plea at the eleventh hour, especially when he stood a chance of being released for time served? Could it be he just wants to fight the bastards? Maybe so. We’ll see.

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