Poker Pages Folds its Hand

by Lou on October 14, 2009

“It is with sadness and regret that we must announce that Poker Pages and all of its related services will be closed on October 31, 2009.” So goes a headline at the Poker Pages website, and I’m really saddened to see them go.
For years a few mouse clicks to brought up the latest, most up-to-date tournament results, as well as access to a variety of poker information, strategy articles, a directory of cardrooms, a variety of blogs, poker players ranked by money won, videos, galleries of photographs, interviews, book reviews, and assorted other markings from poker’s recent history.

Poker Pages also started and ran Poker School Online, one of the first online poker learning centers, and I was the school’s first Dean, way back before the poker boom actually hit and took hold. I wrote articles for the school, monitored conversation and questions in the school’s forum, recorded some poker lessons, interacted with students, and that sort of thing.
But the site always operated close to the financial edge, and in recent years its financial burdens were exacerbated by the general economic woes we’re all suffering. Finally, Poker Pages simply slipped off the slippery precipice it had occupied for a while, and is closing its virtual doors at the end of October.

Their web site says, “For many years Poker Pages has enjoyed providing the best source of poker related content, arguably the Internet’s largest and most complete live poker tournament results and listings database, as well as a place to play poker for free. These services will certainly be missed, but we realize that the most appreciated benefit of our products and services has been the community created by our user base. We thank you for the many great years you allowed us to provide you with the best poker content on the Internet and wish you all the best in your future poker endeavors. It has been a pleasure and a privilege serving you over the years!”

I always had a fond spot for Poker Pages and Poker School Online, and now they’ll soon be gone. I’ll miss them.

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