Will Isildur1 Be Back at the “Nosebleed” Stakes Games Now that Tony G is Backing Him?

by Lou on January 15, 2010

Brash poker pro Tony G (pictured right) may back Swedish online “nosebleed stakes” poker player Isildur1, according to a post on TonyGPoker.com.
Isildur1—we still don’t know his true identity—is reportedly contemplating filing a complaint with Full tilt Poker about the data mining activities by Full Tilt pro Brian Townsend that provided the mystery Swede’s opponent with additional information about his playing style, and may have led to Isildur1’s defeat.
Tony G said, “It is likely I will stake him in some big cash games in the future, this is what I do after all. I like to give people a chance in life to do well.”
Isildur1, as I’ve reported here, first appeared in high-stakes games at Full Tilt in November 2009. He initially won staggering amounts in a short time, and was up as much as $5 million.

But the balloon burst, and according to PokerTableRatings.com he now shows a career loss of $2.6 million.

Although he was up more than $5 million on November 15, one month later, in mid-December, CardRunners instructor Brian Hastings took him for $4.2 million only to later reveal that he used hands compiled by fellow CardRunners pro Brian Townsend to help defeat the Swede.
Hastings made no bones about Townsend’s contribution, and credited Townsend for his performance. In an interview with ESPN columnist Gary Wise, he said, “Honestly, I give most of the credit to Brian Townsend here. I mean, Brian is honestly the hardest worker I know in poker. He analyzed a database of heads-up hands that Isildur1 had played and constructed ranges of what Isildur1 was doing in certain spots. In a way, I feel bad that it wasn’t Brian who got this win instead of me.”
This whole affair is far from over, and how it plays out is anyone’s guess. But if Tony G stakes Isildur1, my guess is that the stakes will be significantly less than they were in those heady days during the last two months of 2009.

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