Mike Sexton Predicts Online Poker Regulation in 2010

by Lou on March 9, 2010

Writing in Poker News Daily, Mike Sexton predicted, “The direction of online poker will finally come out of the ‘gray area.’ I believe that legislation will finally come forth in some fashion, so we’ll know whether or not online poker will become regulated. If it’s not on the federal level, I believe you’ll see individual states, starting with California, attempt to legislate and regulate online poker.”

I’m hoping that states such as New Jersey, Iowa, and California will opt for online poker within their borders, but I don’t think Congress will act to overturn UIGEA and regulate online gaming at the federal level this year.

I hope he’s right and I’m wrong, but with the Democrats staring at an uphill battle in coming elections, I just don’t think they have the political will to take action.

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