2008 WSOP Winner Peter Eastgate Retires From Poker at 24

by Lou on July 12, 2010

Twenty-four-year-old Peter Eastgate, the Danish poker player who won more than $9 million at the 2008 World Series of Poker’s main event has gone on hiatus more or less permanently from high-stakes poker and says he is unlikely to return unless he needs money.

“I was bored of the game, lacking motivation, did not need the money any more so saw no point in continuing,” Eastgate told The Associated Press last week. “In case I return, it will be because I need an income again or because I am bored doing nothing.”

But according to Eastgate, he has no plans for the immediate future and isn’t sure what he will do next.  “When I started playing poker for a living,” he said, “it was never my goal to spend the rest of my life as a professional poker player.” My goal was to become financially independent.”

Eastgate’s decision is untypical of the majority of young poker players who book a big win and bask in the fame and glory that often accompanies it. Will we see Peter Eastgate back at poker anytime soon?  Who knows?  The green felt is a strong lure, but he says he’s uncertain about his future.  He’s also got the financial wherewithal to take a long break and figure out what he wants to do next.  And if he’s got no idea what he’s going to do next, neither do I.

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EuroPokerPro July 14, 2010 at 6:23 pm

Have to tip off my hat for this guy. He is obviously very smart, and I suspect that no matter whatever he says publicly.. the main reason behind his retirement is the fact that he realizes he simply can’t compete in cash games against the top players and as he has much gamble in him he is afraid that he can’t play exclusively tournaments. In those he is obviously world class. Good luck for him on whatever he decides to do next.

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