PokerStars Freezes Ten Bots

by Lou on July 20, 2010

An article on reports that PokerStars froze ten player accounts following an internal investigation. That showed they were not real players at all, but rather programmed bots.  PokerStars was alerted to this situation by postings on the Two Plus Two forum claiming that the accounts were suspicious.

PokerTableRankings reports that they “…uncovered overwhelming evidence that 10 accounts on PokerStars are being run by computer programs (and not humans). Collectively, they have played at least 8,320,121 hands at the $.25-$.50, $.5-$1 and $1-$2 no-limit levels, generated $186,572 in rake, and made $57,839 in profit (not including VIP benefits).”

The evidence is based on statistical similarities and unique betting patterns and full details can be found on the site.

What’s interesting here is that the bots were playing at relatively small stakes games, not the bigger games one might have suspected.

Another interesting point is that the bots weren’t exactly running over the games.  In fact, they were barely scraping by.  A win of $57,839 seems like a nice score, but when divided by the number of hands played, the bots only generated an average profit of seven-tenths of a penny per hand.

These are the offending accounts, which have all been frozen by PokerStars and are no longer active: 7emenov, bakabar, crazier, mvra, nakseon, kozzin, demidou, koldan, Daergy, and feidmanis.

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