Ladbrokes Introduces “Anonymous Tables”

by Lou on October 23, 2010

It’s clear to everyone who plays poker that the use of decision support systems which provide information about your opponents’ playing proclivities has made online poker a very different game than the live, traditional, brick-and-mortar version. Ladbrokes Poker combated this when they recently introduced a new feature called anonymous tables.

It’s simple.  Your alias and avatar are only shown to you, not to anyone else at the table. Players who have notes on you are unable to view them, and all players in the game receive an anonymous alias.

Poker tracking software will not be able to associate your play on Ladbrokes’ anonymous tables with your real alias, thus you can play as you would in a live casino, without your opponents having a statistical profile of your play available to them.

I’d love to play secure in the knowledge that I was not being data-mined, and that any information gathered about my play would have to be generated in real time, without the assistance of software somehow tinkering with poker’s “one player per hand” rule—even if that second person involved in the hand is not a real person at all, but some lines of code.

Unfortunately, I won’t have that opportunity and neither will you if you’re in the USA, where Ladbrokes does not provide service.  So for me—for now, anyway—the idea of anonymous play is just another thing to look forward to when UIGEA is eventually overturned and online poker is licensed and regulated here at home.

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